QUITTING the Diet Coke


Day 1 – Sunday

I went into the day knowing that I didn’t want to fill my body with any more poison.  I usually begin the day with a Diet Coke, but that one was easy to bypass with a cup of decaf coffee, creamer, and stevia.  I spent a lot of time in a nap to avoid any daytime temptations.  My family is behind me in quitting my addiction, even though my husband is still drinking Dr. Pepper.

Day 2 – Monday

How is it possible that every other thought is of bubbly, cold, refreshing Diet Coke?  I seriously thought about it all day.  I was having nearly three 44 ounces of Diet Coke a day and now it was not sitting on my desk to help me get through the work day.  So, at lunch and in the evening I replaced the drink with an unsweet tea.  At every sip, I still expected the taste of my old friend, but I was disappointed with every drag of the straw.  The tiredness took me by surprise in the afternoon – I seriously had to schedule a nap.

Day 3 – Tuesday

It has to get easier!  I managed to have an unsweet tea and added some Good Girl Moonshine to my repertoire of drinks, but I still thought of the joy of Diet Coke.  My eyelids are just so tired, I called my husband to pick up the kids today so I could go home and take a nap.  I have not even been to the gym this week!  I kinda feel bad for my family, because everything sets me off.

Day 4 – Wednesday

Today has been the worst day so far.  My head has turned against me and is pounding against my skull in protest of the new regime. I’m making sure that I am drinking enough water and taking pain relief, but nothing is helping with the craving.  So it was time to bring in the big guns and buy some chocolate.  I managed to stay on plan and buy some Lily’s chocolate with almonds and that did help.  I also got my husband to and pick up the kids again so I could take a nap.

Day 5 – Thursday

I ate more chocolate today, but really that is no surprise.  I did manage to refrain from the nap today, but only because I have a family and had to cook and take my son to jiu-jitsu. The head trauma has lessened today and I am so glad of it.  However, I feel as if I cannot stay focused and finish a task in one sitting.  Facebook is my friend.

Day 6 – Friday

To Be Updated

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