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Diet Bet

Join Me: http://dbet.me/gcriswell


It’s the real deal!  I am committed to accomplishing my goal this time.

I joined 3 Diet Bets in January to feel the stakes and to have something pushing me.  Well, today was the weigh in and I made it to my goal of 4% weight loss!  You can join me at Diet Bet here: http://dbet.me/gcriswell.

It is easy to join a challenge and the rules are easy to understand.  When you join a game, you must verify your weight and then you must lose 4% (short-term) or 10% (long-term) of your body weight during that challenge.  If you make your goal you will receive what you put into the game plus a percentage of the pot from the people that did not make their goal.


I am so excited that I am starting two more short-term and long-term challenges!

I am waiting on my official results from my January challenges, but I came in one pound under my goal so I’m not worried.  There is a chance that you are asked to verify your weight loss, but it’s not hard.

If you are trying to lose weight anyway, this is an excellent way to earn a few extra dollars.