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We all have to start somewhere.
We all have to start somewhere.

Beginnings are hard for me.

There seems to be so much uncertainty and anxiety for me when I begin a new part of my life.  It wasn’t always like that for me; I remember the days of being strong and sure of myself, but life changes.

Life took me for a wild ride in 2010 and dropped me on a road of unfamiliarity.  I was alone, scared, and I had to start life again.  I had my faith and even though I was very new in my relationship with Jesus, it was my lifeboat.  I learned to put my trust in God and not other people.  I asked Jesus to redeem my life and I took the steps to make it happen.

I soon found out that there were other people in my life who cared for me and helped me along the way.  My new beginning was a rough start, but as soon as I put my focus on the things that mattered I could see through the darkness.

I’ve have had this domain name for a year and I still have not posted a first blog.  A whole year!!!

I have begun a few posts, but have yet to publish any of them because they are not perfect.  I didn’t want people to judge me or my site.  I still want the approval of all, even strangers.

So, here I am ready to post my first blog.  I haven’t decided what kind of content I am going to focus on or what direction I plan to go with this blog, but it is time to take my first step.  I will trust this is my path and just jump in.




Please share any tips that helped you take your first steps in your new beginning.